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If you would like to assist us with the project to create a national standard museum in the Hucknall Wing Hangar, which will both support the local community and preserve and protect a unique listed building, as well as Hucknall’s remarkable aviation heritage, there are a number of ways in which you can help….

          Hucknall Flight Test Museum (RRHT)

          The Wing Hangar

          Rolls-Royce PLC

          Harrier Business Park

          Dorey Way



          NG15 6EU


          Hucknall Flight Test Museum CIO is a Registered Charity - No 1175731

          Cheques should be crossed and made payable to ‘Hucknall Flight Test Museum CIO’

You can also join us and offer your skills and time to us as a volunteer ….. help us to build our community vision!

Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust administer the Hucknall membership scheme, and all of our members join the RRHT… the current annual fee is only £8.00 per year and members benefits include…

                         * A 6 monthly RRHT Journal magazine

                         * The opportunity to develop guiding and presenting skills

                         * The chance to contribute to interesting engineering and important aviation heritage protection projects                     

Print and fill out your RRHT Enrolment form here (Please enter HU in the Derby & Hucknall branch tick box)

Let us know you have joined by emailing us at huflighttest@gmail.com. We can then register you for a site security pass, and arrange your initial visit.

Retail Management Volunteer

HUFTM are looking for a volunteer with day to day retail management operations experience, to run a new merchandising programme on behalf of the project. The person involved will be supported by a professional marketing consultant, who will be able to guide and assist them with product selection, target markets etc. Main responsibility will focus around managing the various product sales lines and the day to day processing and dispatch of orders etc. If you would like to help make a pivotal contribution to our fundraising initiative by taking on this role, we are keen to hear from you.


Specialist Fundraising Volunteer

We are also looking for someone with experience of running Fundraising campaigns, involving seeking out, assessing and submitting applications to various fundraising opportunities; from local grants to larger national schemes etc.

If you feel you are able to volunteer to perform this role, we very are keen to hear from you.


If you think you can help with either role, please email us at


Both of these roles could be performed remotely and do not need to involve travelling to the museum site.

If you think you can help with either role, please email us at